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Siphon Brew

Perfecting Coffee Preparation, Better Brewing Methods to Reduce Tooth Stains

Siphon Coffee Brewing
Below is a table outlining the staining capacities of various popular coffee brewing methods. There haven’t been any studies directly quantifying staining with different coffee brews, but I was able to compile this information using a bunch of different research that looked at concentrations of other coffee compounds that correlate well with concentrations of staining compounds. 

Type of BrewWater to Bean Ratio (by weight)Grind SizeExtraction TimeWater Temperature (°F)Staining Concentration
Turkish9.46Powder<5 min160Most
Espresso4.28Fine25 s202
Siphon14.42Finer than Drip3 min202
Pour Over14.82Sand2.5 min200
Chemex14.79Medium4 min200
French Press14.71Coarse4 min195-200
Cupping16.08Coarse4 min202-205
Cafe Solo23.78Coarse4 min200
Percolator31.57Coarse5 min195-200
Cold Brew3.00Coarse10-12 hrsColdLeast

Scott Frey

Scott Frey is a renowned Orthodontist, professional speaker, and founder of the More than Smiles Movement.