You refer. You earn.
It's easy peasy.

With the click of a button, our patients and supporters can refer friends and family to Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics through our digital 'Share A Smile' referral program ... and earn big rewards in the process.

We want to make sure you earn! Please be sure to review program details below and reach out with any questions you may have at

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Word of mouth with perks.

“I've recommended Hatcher & Frey so many times and will continue to do so. Thank you for helping my son's smile improve AND doing it in a way that he enjoys his appointments." - Anne N., Chesapeake

New patients often hear about us because of our existing patients, families and partners.

Our digital Share A Smile program lets us say thank you to everyone who refers (and follows instructions). All you need is a digital device, people to share your link with, and you are on your way to earning some very cool Milestone Rewards!

Earning Milestone Rewards is easy.

You receive a custom link. You share the link with your friends to kick start your program. When friends use your link to request a consultation and start treatment*,

you earn points toward your milestone rewards!


Quarterly Raffle: Share your link (on social media, with friends, with family) and earn one entry into our quarterly raffle for each time your link is shared

Earn 1st milestone reward: 1 friend uses your link to book their free consult, completes their consultation, and starts treatment

Earn 2nd milestone reward: 3 friends use your link to book their free consult, complete their consultations, and start treatment

Earn 3rd milestone reward: 5 friends use your link to book their free consult, complete their consultations, and start treatment

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What are the Milestone Rewards? Well, they change seasonally.

Here are some rewards from the past:

The best news? When you qualify for rewards, you earn them immediately!

Quarterly Raffle Entries: Each time you share your link.

Milestone 1: A $100 Gift Card

Milestone 2: A $250 Gift Card

Milestone 3: A $500 Gift Card

The Very Important Fine Print

What if I lose my custom referral link?

Should you find that your custom SAS Referral Link has gone missing, simply enter the same information into the form on this page. Our tracking software will send you the link you previously registered with.

When and how will I be notified if I've won a Milestone Reward?

At the end of each month, we track how many referrers have earned Milestone Rewards using our Referral Rewards software. If your referral link has been triggered (by your referrals starting treatment), a member of the HFO Marketing Team will be reaching out to you directly via the email you registered with. You earn rewards at the following milestones – raffle entires for sharing your link, Milestone One when your first referral starts treatment, Milestone Two when your third referral starts treatment, and Milestone Three when your fifth referral starts treatment. Rewards do not start over or compound after the 5th referral's start. That's up to $850 in rewards!

Are my previous referrals counted?

No, the Share A Smile Rewards program is not a retroactive program. Any referrals you sent our way prior to signing up for your custom referral link do not count in the Share a Smile Referral Rewards program. (But we sincerely thank you for previous referrals.)

What if my referral doesn't use my link, but books a consultation and says I referred them (via phone, email, or other consultation form)?

We appreciate this referral, but these referrals are not included in the Share a Smile Rewards Program. The rewards program only tracks when referral links are used and can not be manually adjusted to account for "outside" referrals. (Should someone mention your name, we will send you a really sweet thank you card and remind you to use your SAS link for future referrals.)

How does the link account for multiple family members?

For Referrers: For every member of your family you wish to have a personal link, they will each need to sign up using their individual name and personal email address. Referrers cannot use the same email address for multiple accounts. For Referrals: If a responsible party (parent, adult, family member) is wanting to request multiple consultations for members of the same family and want their referrer to get credit for all, they will need to place consultation requests separately for each family member.

Ready to start earning rewards?

All you need is your referral link. Enroll at the link below.