Hatcher and Frey Orthodontics

You refer. You earn. It's easy peasy.

With the click of a button, our patients and supporters can refer friends and family to Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics through our digital 'Share A Smile' referral program ... and earn big rewards in the process.

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Word of mouth with perks.

“I've recommended Hatcher & Frey so many times and will continue to do so. Thank you for helping my son's smile improve AND doing it in a way that he enjoys his appointments." - Anne N., Chesapeake

New patients often hear about us because of our existing patients, families and partners.

Our digital Share A Smile program lets us say thank you to everyone who refers. All you need is a digital device, and you are on your way to earning some very cool Milestone Rewards!

Earning Milestone Rewards is easy.

You receive a custom link. You share it with your friends to kick start your program. When those you've referred start treatment, you earn points toward your milestone rewards!


Earn a kick-start bonus: Share your link 5x (on social media, with friends, with family)

Earn 1st milestone reward: 1 friend uses your link to book their free consult, completes their consultation and starts treatment

Earn 2nd milestone reward: 3 friends use your link to book their free consult, complete their consultations and start treatment

Earn 3rd milestone reward: 5 friends use your link to book their free consult, complete their consultations and start treatment

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What are the Milestone Rewards? Well, they change seasonally.

Here's what they are through December 2022:

The best news? When you qualify for rewards, you earn them immediately!

Kick-start Bonus: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Milestone 1: $100 IKEA Gift Card or a 3-flight iFly FlightPass voucher

Milestone 2: A $250 Simon Outlets Gift Card or an Oculus Quest 2

Milestone 3: A $500 Visa Gift Card or Free Zoom! Whitening Treatment with Hatcher & Frey

Ready to start earning rewards?

All you need is your referral link. Enroll at the link below.