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Xylitol Mints

Xylitol Mints as an Effective Alternative to Xylitol Gum

Xylitol gum is a great way to keep teeth healthy, but not everyone can chew gum to fight cavities.

Why Not Xylitol Gum?

If you have tender jaw joints and muscles, the extra work of chewing gum can sometimes be too much and can make your jaws sore. Fortunately, you do not need to chew xylitol mints and can just let them dissolve in your mouth. Although xylitol gum fights cavities better than xylitol mints, it is always good to have options. You just need a little bit more xylitol for it to do the trick.

How to Use Xylitol Mints

  • Using Xylitol mints you will need 10 grams worth of xylitol per day in order to be effective against bacteria. This usually means you will need more than one mint.
  • Let the mints dissolve in your mouth. To get the targeted 10 grams of xylitol, consume 2 grams worth of xylitol mints five times during the day.
  • Keep your mints away from your dog. Xylitol is toxic to dogs.
  • Too many xylitol mints can cause some mild diarrhea, so stick to the formula and don’t go overboard.

Where to Find Xylitol Mints

Although you can find anything online, here is a list of the xylitol mints that are easiest to find and their ingredients:
Spry Xylitol Mints
Xylitol Content: .5 grams per mint
Ingredients: Xylitol, calcium lactate, magnesium stearate, gum arabic, natural flavors, glazing agent (beeswax)

Epic Xylitol Mints
Xylitol Content: .5 grams per mint
Ingredients: Xylitol, natural flavors, magnesium stearate

XyliChew Mints
Xylitol Content: .55 grams per mint
Ingredients: Xylitol, calcium lactate, magnesium stearate, natural peppermint oil, menthol, gum arabic, beeswax, carnuba wax

Scott Frey

Scott Frey is a renowned Orthodontist, professional speaker, and founder of the More than Smiles Movement.