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Adult Orthodontics is Our Specialty

Seeking treatment for adult orthodontics can be an intimidating endeavor. You likely know what it is that you want to improve, but knowing how to achieve your goals and finding an orthodontist qualified to provide your desired results can be a daunting task.

Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics specializes in the unique needs of adult patients, with a suite of services designed for just adults. Our extensive knowledge and diverse training bring together a world of experience in the service of our patients. This allows us to present a broader range of adult orthodontics options and to deliver the best possible outcomes, whether your concern is a healthier bite or a more youthful smile and appearance.

The combination of our proprietary techniques and the latest orthodontic technology means we can provide comfortable, clear orthodontic treatment without braces, and deliver the smile you deserve in half the time.

#1 Provider of Invisalign

Invisalign is a comfortable, clear alternative to braces with no metal brackets and no wires. As a new technology that is highly technique sensitive, it is important that you seek care from a provider skilled in using Invisalign. Dr. Frey is member of the Invisalign’s clinical faculty, responsible for teaching the latest orthodontic techniques using clear aligners to orthodontists around the globe, and we are the most experienced provider of Invisalign in the region. You can feel confident that you are receiving the highest level of care available. In fact, many adult patients from across the country have sought out our Invisalign expertise for their treatment.

The Leader in Enhanced Orthodontics

Recent advancements in technology have made orthodontic treatment for adults faster, more comfortable, and more convenient than ever. Using portable devices that deliver soft-pulsed vibrations and light in conjunction with orthodontic treatment, we can enhance the biology of tooth movement. This allows your teeth to move healthier, more comfortably, and 50% faster. This is especially important for adults because your teeth don’t move as quickly as adolescents. Treatment often can be completed in as little as 5 months.

Impression-Free Treatment

Impressions, the goop they put in your mouth to get a mold of your teeth, are no longer a necessary part of treatment because of the advent of digital intra-oral scanners. We were the first orthodontic office in the region to implement this technology. Using these laser scans of your teeth Invisalign, custom braces, and other orthodontic appliances can be fabricated much more accurately than they could have with traditional molds of your teeth. More importantly, the uncomfortable, gaggy impressions are not something you have to tolerate at our office.


When committing to orthodontic treatment, it’s often the right time to consider other aspects of care that may be beneficial to the structure and look of your face as well as your overall wellness. Your orthodontist is responsible for far more than just straight teeth. How your teeth and jaws are positioned during treatment has a profound impact on your facial appearance, aging, and broader health issues like obstructive sleep apnea. Relaxing hyperactive smile muscles using Botox, enhancing soft tissues responsible for the framework of your smile with dermal fillers, or supporting your airway with an oral appliance are quite often useful adjuncts to orthodontic treatment that improve the final result. Dr. Scott Frey has been responsible for training doctors worldwide on how to leverage these tools to deliver better orthodontic results. We have integrated these techniques into our practice and work closely with other specialists in the region to provide a comprehensive treatment approach for our adult patients that has come to be known as OrthoSculpture®.

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Orthosculpture After


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Can I Be Too Old for Treatment?

You are never too old for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics for adults is very effective and given the recent advancements adult treatment is quicker and more comfortable than ever.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Since we accelerate all adult orthodontic treatment, most cases can be completed in less than a year. Ultimately, the complexity of treatment and your biology is the limiting factor.

Will I Need Braces as an Adult?

Our expertise with Invisalign means that you won’t have to be stuck in braces unless you want them.

How Frequent Will I Need to Make Appointments?

Because we are able to digitally design your treatment with Invisalign, frequent appointments are not necessary. This means that there are fewer total appointments and treatment can be designed around your schedule. Most patients are seen every 3 months.

Do You Offer Appointments Outside of Work Hours?

Yes. We understand that your time is precious so we do offer hours and virtual appointments that are able to fit your schedule.

What if I’m concerned about the price of adult orthodontics?

We try our best to ensure there is no financial barrier preventing our patients from receiving high quality orthodontic treatment. We offer the following to all patients: a thorough review of what benefits are covered by your insurance or HSA/FSA plans, in-house financing and low monthly payments for those who aren’t paying in full. We also have courtesies that may apply if you are paying in full, treating multiple people in your family, are an educator, first responder or military family. For those only requiring simple treatment, and whose treatment should not take longer than 6 months to complete, we also offer our Smile Refresh program – perfect for adults (or teens) who have simple cases and only require minimal correction.

Can I pay with Cryptocurrency?

We are a Cryptocurrency Friendly Practice!

Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics believe that when it comes to treatment, it’s always the patient’s choice – and that includes how they pay.

If you are purchasing products or services from the web store: Simply select “ Pay” as your option at checkout and follow the instructions to process the payment. 

If you would like to pay for your orthodontic treatment in cryptocurrency: Please let your treatment coordinator know and we’ll set up a specialized smart contract for treatment.

Do you accept HSA and FSA?

We accept HSA and FSA

With Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics, you can use your HSA and FSA  for eligible orthodontic treatment (Invisalign, braces or other appliances) and retention (retainers). Only the portion of your treatment payments not covered by dental insurance or any other insurance plan may be considered an eligible expense.

Interested in using your FSA/HSA for treatment or products through Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics? Check with your employer about your fund availability and cutoff date prior to your first consultation.