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Digital Orthodontics

Why digital orthodontics? We believe in better results through technology, which is why we have continued to invest in state-of-the-art equipment for our patients. From 3D printing to custom digital appliances, a lot has changed in orthodontics, and “braces” certainly aren’t what they used to be.

intra-oral scanner to take 3D photos of teeth for orthodontic treatments

No more goopy impressions

We were one of the first orthodontic practice in the region to begin using a digital, intra-oral scanner to take 3D photos of teeth for orthodontic treatments. These 3D photos do away with the goopy mess and inconvenience of what were needed in the past. Plus, they are far more accurate than traditional impressions of your teeth. Additionally, by storing these scans on secure servers, we can save you a trip to the office when you need replacement retainers.

digital orthodontics for Invisalign

Customizing Smiles with Invisalign

Invisalign’s powerful digital tools and data driven technology gives us a clear and comfortable alternative to braces. However, the process is much more technique sensitive than braces. Many orthodontists may not be comfortable with their ability to customize tooth movements in the software. Fortunately, Dr. Frey lectures internationally to orthodontists on how to achieve outstanding results with Invisalign – so you will be in great hands.

3D printing lab for orthodontics

Custom 3D Printed Appliances

We were one of the first practices to start a 3D printing lab for orthodontics. This allows us to rapidly manufacture a wide range of appliances in-house that would have normally required an outside lab, adding cost and time. 3D printing technology helps us make advanced treatments more affordable for our patients and can be a life saver when a patient loses a retainer while they are away at college.

digital braces

Precision, Digital Braces

We utilize digital technology for the precise evaluation and adjustment of your braces. This allows us to make getting your braces on a much faster and more comfortable process than before. The precision of these digital tools and the 3D printed parts also means that you will get your braces off much sooner.

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