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Clear Custom Braces

Ever heard of clear custom braces? Advances in manufacturing and scientific understanding have led to innovations in the design of orthodontic braces and wires, making the latest generation of orthodontic appliances faster, more comfortable, and more esthetic than ever. Braces certainly aren’t what they used to be, and not all braces are created equal.

Braces no longer have to mean inconvenience, discomfort, or a mouth full of metal. The ceramic braces of today are clear, discreet, and resistant to staining and discoloration throughout treatment. People may not even realize you’re wearing braces at all. Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics is pleased to offer clear custom braces for teeth, passive self-ligating metal braces and supporting appliances for those patients who choose braces as their treatment option.

Faster, More Comfortable Treatment

The most advanced braces utilize a passive slide mechanism that allows teeth to align up to 6 months faster, is much gentler to the teeth and tissues, and makes your appointments quicker and easier because the braces do not need to be “tightened” at each visit. Older styles of braces use elastic ties or active clips to bind archwires in place. These ties and clips function like parking brakes during treatment, creating extra friction and pressure that slows tooth movement and causes pain. Passive self-ligating braces offer many advantages during the initial phases of treatment because their passive slide mechanism allows for the orthodontic wires to move and work more freely. Since less wire is bound by clips or ties, the working properties of the wires are enhanced, allowing teeth to align more efficiently and more comfortably.

Traditional Orthodontic Braces

Traditional Orthodontic Braces

Use elastic or steel ties to bind the wire tightly in the bracket.

Active Self-ligating Braces

Active Self-ligating Braces

Use an interactive clip that pushes the wire down in the bracket and becomes tighter with treatment.

Passive Self-Ligating Braces

Passive Self-Ligating Braces

Use a passive slide mechanism to gently hold the wire acting like a tube. These are the newest generation of braces.


High Performance Orthodontic Wires

The wires your orthodontist uses to move teeth are critical to the comfort and efficiency of treatment. Early in treatment, we utilize proprietary super-elastic wires with unique thermal properties, that react to the heat in your mouth, to apply light, consistent forces. Later in treatment, we select specialized titanium alloys instead of traditional steel wires, allowing us to further personalize your smile while maintaining gentle forces. Both the brackets and wires we use in treatment are state-of-the-art, and specifically calibrated for your individual smile. This allows us to deliver the smile you deserve quickly and comfortably.

girl smiling with Custom Braces on

Fewer Appointments

Our selection of the most advanced braces and orthodontic wires available also translates into fewer trips to the orthodontist during treatment. Studies have shown that, on average, the latest braces and wires will save you up to seven appointments compared traditional braces. That means less time out of school, out of work, and greater convenience for you regardless of your schedule or lifestyle.

girl with clear custom braces

Healthier Teeth/Cleaner Teeth

Elastomeric ties that are used with traditional braces are magnets for plaque and bacterial byproducts. They make cleaning around braces more challenging, and because they soak up bacterial wastes they can cause a phenomena known as “braces breath.” Although we still provide “colors” upon request for patients with good hygiene, the tools we use are carefully selected to promote the healthiest and cleanest environment possible for your teeth during treatment.

smile with custom braces

Your Custom Smile

In order to achieve our signature smiles, extensive planning and personalization of the braces and wires we prescribe is key. Each patient and each smile is unique, and by combining our in depth understanding of facial development with our artistic magic we are able to create beautiful smiles and healthy bites that will enhance your facial appearance.

accelerated orthodontics

Accelerating Braces

Advanced appliances in the hands of our skilled orthodontists make achieving your perfect smile faster and easier than you ever thought possible, but ultimately the speed of treatment is limited by your physiology. Fortunately, we are also leading the way with the use of technology that can enhance the biology of tooth movement and allow teeth to move twice as fast.

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Do Braces Hurt?

The braces we use are designed to be gentler and more comfortable, but you may experience mild soreness the first few days with braces.

Can I Get Colors with My Braces?

Advanced braces don’t require “colors,” but they are still available upon request for good brushers.

How Long Must I Wear Braces?

Treatment at our office typically lasts 15 months, but the total length of treatment depends on patient compliance, the amount of tooth movement, and biologic response.

Can I Get my Braces Off Before a Special Event?

We do our best to work around important life events so your smile is photo ready, so that is certainly a possibility if we are made aware in advance.

How Much do Braces Cost?

At our office, the cost of care is all-inclusive and based on your individual orthodontic needs. The best way to evaluate your options is to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Do You Offer Financing?

We are extremely flexible with financing so that we can develop a payment plan to fit your budget.

Can I Play Sports with Braces?

Yes you can, though we recommend and provide mouthguards to protect your teeth whether you have braces or not.

How Do I Clean my Teeth with Braces?

Special tools are use to clean around braces and we provide a thorough review of oral hygiene when you start treatment.

How Often Are Appointments with Braces?

Using the latest technology allows visits to be less frequent, so appointments are needed about every 2-3 months, but this could vary.

Will I Need to Wear Retainers?

Shifting of teeth is a part of life. Retainers are necessary for anyone looking to keep their teeth straight long term.

In addition, we offer all our patients the opportunity to participate in our Retainers for Life program – so you never have to worry about lost or broken retainers again.

Can I pay with Cryptocurrency?

We are a Cryptocurrency Friendly Practice!

Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics believe that when it comes to treatment, it’s always the patient’s choice – and that includes how they pay.

If you are purchasing products or services from the web store: Simply select “ Pay” as your option at checkout and follow the instructions to process the payment. 

If you would like to pay for your orthodontic treatment in cryptocurrency: Please let your treatment coordinator know and we’ll set up a specialized smart contract for treatment.

Do you accept HSA and FSA?

We accept HSA and FSA

With Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics, you can use your HSA and FSA  for eligible orthodontic treatment (Invisalign, braces or other appliances) and retention (retainers). Only the portion of your treatment payments not covered by dental insurance or any other insurance plan may be considered an eligible expense.

Interested in using your FSA/HSA for treatment or products through Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics? Check with your employer about your fund availability and cutoff date prior to your first consultation.