The Powerful Enamel Pellicle



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Take-away points:

• Your Enamel Pellicle is the protective protein skin of your teeth

• Dietary polyphenols modify your pellicle to make it more acid resistant, inhibit the adhesion of acid producing bacteria, and cause staining

• You can maximize the protective effects of your pellicle by using a low abrasive toothpaste, and only whitening your teeth periodically (ex. ~14 days of Crest Whitening Strips every 2 to 3 months – everyone is different but noticeable staining from the pellicle can take several months to form).

Learn More: A Review of the Salivary/Enamel Pellicle Dietary Constituents and Tooth Staining


Week 2 Tooth in Water Tooth after two weeks in water

Week 2 Tooth in Kombucha Tooth after two weeks in Kombucha

Week 2 tooth in Diet Coke Tooth after two weeks in Diet Coke

Week 2 Tooth in Gatorade Tooth after two weeks in Gatorade

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