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Anterior Crossbite After Invisalign

Patient Stories: Ron

Orthodontic treatment is helpful in correcting bite problems that can damage teeth. Ron was in the process of planning for dental implants to replace missing lower back teeth and wanted a healthier bite so that the implants could be placed and to keep his teeth healthy over the long term.

Because of a crossbite of one of his front teeth, he had significant wear and chipping of his upper incisors which could not be repaired effectively until the crossbite was fixed. We were able to correct the anterior crossbite and widen his smile without braces in a little over a year’s time.

Treatment Overview

Treatment Time

15 Months

Treatment Type


Patient Concerns

Smile Esthetics
Anterior Crossbite


Initial Smiling
Initial Smile
Anterior Tooth in Crossbite
Anterior Tooth in Crossbite


Final Smiling
Final Smile
Crossbite Corrected after Invisalign Treatment
Crossbite Corrected

What Did We Do For Him?

We used Invisalign clear aligners to correct the crossbite and align posterior teeth for dental implants. After the crossbite was corrected, the incisors that were worn from the patient’s bite could not be addressed.

Temporary bonding was performed along the edges of worn incisors to improve tooth shape until final restorations could be performed by the patient’s cosmetic dentist. The patient also received clear retainers at the end of treatment.