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Openbite After

Patient Stories: Sara

Fast, convenient orthodontic treatment has many benefits beyond just more immediate gratification. Sometimes constraints from a patient’s orthodontic insurance can put a clock on how quickly treatment must be completed. Sara came to the practice concerned with the spacing and protrusion of her upper front teeth, and she did not want to go through the experience of having braces in high school.

However, the orthodontic benefits on her family’s insurance policy were set to expire in just 11 months when she turned 18, which didn’t leave us with much time to correct her bite and address her concerns. Fortunately, by using Invisalign with accelerated orthodontics we were able to provide her with a wonderfully healthy smile just in the nick of time.

Treatment Overview

Treatment Time

9 Months

Treatment Type

Invisalign Teen
Accelerated Orthodontics

Patient Concerns



Initial Smiling
Initial Smile
Right side occlusion class 2

Initial Class 2 Occlusion

Frontal Bite

Initial Open Bite & Spacing


Final Smiling
Final Smile
Final Corrected OverBite

Final Corrected Bite

Final Frontal Bite

Final Corrected Overbite

What Did We Do For Her?

Treatment was provided using Invisalign Teen. Faster tooth movement was encouraged by daily, at-home use of an Acceledent device. To correct her overbite and protruded teeth, orthodontic elastics, or rubber bands as they are commonly known, were worn on the aligners.

In order to improve the appearance of the teeth, some subtle enamel reshaping was performed along the smooth edges and between the front teeth. We also used our soft tissue laser to gently manicure the gum tissues. The end result was a balanced smile arc and healthy bite, and the patient received clear retainers to wear at night.