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Invisalign Virtual Care Kit

HFO Virtual Care

Convenience. Trust. Price. These are at the forefront of a patient’s mind when choosing to move forward with orthodontic treatment.

But of all the concerns, we find that questions related to ‘convenience’ come up most often in consultations.


In today’s world, convenience isn’t just where an office is located, or how quick it is to get the initial appointment. The need for convenience takes place during treatment as well.

  • How often do I need to take off work to come in for appointments?
  • I’ve broken one of my Invisalign clear aligner trays. What should I do next?
  • I have questions about my child’s Invisalign progress. Do I have to wait until his next appointment?

At Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics, we believe in better results through the use of technology. This is why, every step of the way, we’re thinking about how we can utilize technology to make patient communication easier, enhance treatment, or give you the information you need to stay informed on your or your loved one’s smile journey.

Dr. Hatcher explained patients about Invisalign app


In a time when we can shop at Amazon for same-day delivery, find out who’s driving us to the airport, or get our late-night craving delivered in less than 20 minutes, all from the convenience of our phone, patients are looking to healthcare, and orthodontics, to adapt to the same convenience.

With busy home and work schedules, the thought of extra in-person appointments can feel overwhelming regardless of your expected length of orthodontic treatment. This is why Virtual Care Visits provide additional oversight and peace of mind during the treatment process.

Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics embraces the ability to track orthodontic progress using virtual care, which is why we recommend Invisalign clear aligners to those who rate ‘convenience’ and ‘time in treatment’ high on their list of initial concerns.

“We don’t see virtual care as a substitute for in-person treatment,” Dr. Scott Frey says. “We see virtual care as another layer of care. With the ability to check in remotely, we’re able to proactively address challenges that may impact treatment sooner than the patient’s next appointment, and reserve in-person appointments for those Invisalign cases where adjustments need to be made for treatment progress.”

Dr. Frey makes a point to say that while the teeth don’t know the difference between Invisalign and braces as a treatment option, the number of in-person appointments will be higher for those patients choosing braces. “When it comes to braces, they’re going to be in the orthodontic chair for every appointment.”


Patients who choose Invisalign clear aligners with Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics will use the MyInvisalign app on their phones, allowing them to have a seamless clinical experience outside of our office.

During treatment, the app prompts the patient to submit progress images with and without Invisalign clear aligners in their mouth. In addition, patients will be able to monitor their own progress as they look back through the images they’ve submitted. Patients will also be able to view their unique ClinCheck plan, where a click of a button will allow them to see what’s in store for the future as well.

Based on the patient’s submission to the app, our board-certified orthodontists will be able to review the patient’s progress. Initial feedback of progress will come from the Invisalign app within the hour, and deeper feedback will be provided within 24 hours by our Hatcher & Frey’s Virtual Care Coordinator.

Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics is proud to be a Top 1% VIP Diamond Plus Invisalign provider serving the Hampton Roads regions of Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Northeastern North Carolina with five convenient office locations. If you’re ready to work with an orthodontic team that puts your needs first, get started today with a free in-person or virtual consultation.