What Does Orthodontic Treatment Cost

When considering orthodontic treatment, many parents and patients are interested in learning more about what it will cost, insurance benefits, and financing options. Fortunately, we offer numerous options to help make orthodontic treatment affordable for you. You will be pleased to find that our fees will be competitive with anyone you talk to regarding orthodontic care.

Every treatment that we provide is tailored to our patients’ individual needs, big and small, so a detailed review of your case is essential to us being able to provide you with an honest pricing assessment. We do not provide assembly line orthodontics, and products like braces and Invisalign are only a few of the tools that we use to deliver world class results. In our practice, the cost of your care is determined solely by the difficulty of treatment, and the goals that we establish together during your complimentary consultation. This allows us to focus on your needs and deliver the highest level of care.

Your Insurance Benefits

With elective care like orthodontics, your insurance company pays a set amount towards orthodontic treatment. With most insurances, these orthodontic benefits are 100% portable and you can take them to the orthodontist with whom you are most comfortable seeing for your care.

We are “preferred” providers with all major insurances and our insurance specialists will prepare and file all the necessary paperwork on your behalf to make the process simple, convenient, and affordable. Our top priority is to deliver the highest levels of care and service.

Flexible, Zero-Interest Financing

For the percentage of treatment not paid for by insurance, and for patients without orthodontic benefits, we offer zero-interest financing and very flexible down-payments to work within your monthly budget. A healthy bite and beautiful smile is an important investment in your future and finances should not be an obstacle to world class orthodontic care. Find great care, and get the best financing possible.

Complimentary Consultation

We understand that seeking orthodontic treatment can be an overwhelming process, which is why we offer complimentary consultations to be able educate parents and patients on when and if treatment is necessary. The initial consultation is your opportunity to ask questions, have an informed discussion about treatment options, and understand the potential for your smile and bite.

Following your consultation, our treatment coordinator will provide you with a complete estimate of your costs, as well as breakdown your insurance benefits and financing options. We are dedicated to making our fees affordable and competitive with other practices of our caliber. Please request a consultation to take the first step in obtaining a fee quote.