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New Smile Squad program focuses on awareness, education and guidance for parents of children under 10

How many times has a new mom or dad been given “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” as a new parent gift?

More times that we can count.

But after the baby’s first year, many parents turn to Google, Facebook groups, and more experienced friends and family members for ‘what they should be doing when.’

And in the orthodontics and oral health space, that’s not always the best idea.

Why? Because every mouth is different.

And those folks you’re asking?

They aren’t subject matter experts.

Why parents should get involved in their child’s oral health early on

A child’s oral health actually begins before they have teeth! And as teeth come in, it’s incredibly important to create as healthy of an environment as possible.

That’s why we’ve created our Smile Squad program.

In the first phase of our program, parents will be able to increase their ‘dental IQ’ – getting tips and tools on what they should be doing to create the best oral health experience for their child.

This includes providing resources and qualified answers to questions like:

– When should my child stop thumb-sucking?

– How do I wean my child off of his or her pacifier?

– When do we start using fluoride?

– How do I know if my child has sleep apnea?

All valid questions. All should be addressed at the right age. This is why we’ll deliver the answers straight to mom and dad’s inbox if their child is 6 years of age or under.

To keep it fun for your littles, we’ll be bringing in things like invites to fun events, an exclusive coloring book download from #757 icon and artist OnieTonie, and annual birthday treats.

When should my child be seen for their first orthodontic screening?

While establishing a dental home with a pediatric or family dentist is one of the first things you should do as your child is growing – you should be getting your first orthodontic screening from a board-certified orthodontist at age 7.

You might think this is a bit early, but we can assure you, it’s right on time.

We want to be able to catch orthodontic issues BEFORE they are a problem. Or if there’s already a problem, address them immediately. That’s why 7 is a perfect age.

At this age, children have a good mix of baby teeth and permanent teeth – and a qualified orthodontist will be able to see clearly if there are any issues in play or anticipated.

In addition to increasing dental IQ, our Hatcher & Frey Orthodontics’ Smile Squad program also provides FREE early screenings to the Hampton Roads community and beyond, for children ages 7 and up. Our growth and guidance appointments take place roughly every 6-9 months so that we can track what changes are happening, and address them as needed. This ‘look under the hood’ allows us to treat issues before they cause damage to the developing mouth.

Early ‘interceptive’ treatments, or ‘rescue phase’ treatments are not the norm, but they are not uncommon. Should your child need early orthodontic treatment? We have three convenient locations in Western Branch, Great Bridge areas of Chesapeake, as well as the Norfolk Studio at Norfolk Premium Outlets. Dr. Bill Hatcher and Dr. Scott Frey, Top 1% Invisalign providers, will take amazing care of your child – and keep you informed every step of the way.

The Smile Squad program is complimentary and built with parents (and their children) in mind.

Have questions? Our text is always open:  757-996-5653.

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